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#1 2018-11-22 08:05:02

Lyle Lanley
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Academy players still looking

Hey all,
Crothers here, I am a premium member with sporadic activity;  i have the top 7 tp players in classic. 5 of them are still sitting in what was formerly the CR Development Academy  (CRDA) and 2 are in the other academy known formerly for an immature name not worth repeating! Both are academies that active teams used to look on for players to supplement their squads. Now, I'm currently assessing making 3 more players active and making my own 10 man squad but barring one season with CHICKEN as a co captain and 1 season of fronting a CKing captained side I haven't had ANY successful seasons as a captain. So I'm looking for various teams with successful leaders to take on 1 or 2 of my players. Now i need to leave 1 in each academy as was my promise to my fellow inaugural academy cohorts from Wisconsin badgers C thru E back in the day.

THIS ALSO MEANS; the academy that makes use of high tp players hitting stored energy, may have openings again! Anyways. Please message me with  your captaining records. Prefer classic but can do Jordan. :-)



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