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If you are reporting a problem with a feature of the site that is supposed to be working but isn't, please answer these questions and go through these basic troubleshooting steps before reporting your problem so we can hopefully answer your question as quickly as possible:

1. What internet browser are you using?

To find out the current version of your internet browser, go to the "Help" menu, and click "About Internet Explorer", "About Firefox", etc.

Court Rivals officially supports and endorses the use of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 or greater, and Apple Safari.

2. What operating system are you running?

A lot of people try accessing the site via some obscure means (you know who you are WebTV users!) and then complain that something doesn't work quite right.  Please let us know what operating system you are running so we can hopefully replicate (and fix!) your problem.  Examples of operating systems include Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or OS X.

3. Does what you're reporting as broken work on another PC?

I realize not everyone has access to multiple computers, but, if you do, take the time to see if the feature you're reporting as broken fails to work on another PC, as well.  A lot of times, the problem lies not with Court Rivals, but an issue with the computer you are using.  If that's the case, you'd be best to do basic PC troubleshooting measures- run an anti virus, run a spyware removal tool, restart your computer, etc.

4. Have you tried logging off of the site completely and logging back in?

A lot of times, a person's issue is related to their cookies not properly being set or something of that nature.  Try logging out of the site by going to:

Thanks for taking these measures!  It'll help us respond to your questions much faster!



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