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#1 2009-06-05 16:42:50

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Im Back. Interview with DemonDeacs!

Hey all, Im back with my interviews again. Yay.
Today, I sat down with DemonDeacs and asked him a few questions about his opinons on the New Server, His favorite teams, Leagues, His team and wayniac's girlfriend's tatoo.

1. Your player, Aaron Curry is currently on the Montezumas Revenge in Bird. They are currently 16-22 in Pro D. Why did you decide to create this team? and how come you put the team in Bird and not Kareem?

Well, I was approached by west_indies saying he had a few players who wanted to join, but he wanted someone with a little more experience to captain the team. I wasn't really sure I was ideal for that (seeing as I've only captained a team one other team for a short time), but in the end, decided to create it, since I was looking for a team.

2. Are you planning on moving Montezumas Revenge planning on staying in Kareem next season? or are they gonna stick in Bird?

As of right now, we are planning to stay in Bird, however, a couple players are already leaving. We haven't had much success so far in recruiting, but hopefully it turns around. IF not, we may not be back.

3. Your team is currently ranked 43rd right now but has been a bit inconsistent. Do you expect to pull it together come playoff time?

The inconsistencies is mainly due to some of our players gym ratting and some not. There is also a slight imbalance in our players training that has caused us some trouble. Hopefully though, we can turn it around with the appropriate team skills and what not.

4. You don't have a championship ring yet. Do you plan on maybe going to a championship contender and try and win a championship there?

It'd be great to go to a team that has a legitimate shot at the championship, but I haven't had much success in joining any of those teams. Hopefully, my luck will change. wink

5. What do you think about the "New Server"? Do you like it better or worse than the old one?

It's definitely been a much smoother performance. But, I miss all the stuff I used to get done in that 30 minutes waiting for the gym page to open up. big_smile

6. What other games do you play other than CourtRivals?

I spend a good amount of time on CentSports, but other than here, when I'm playing a game it's either Moola or Xbox (or outside haha). I've tried GLB and other similar games, and didn't like them too much.

7. Who is your favorite team in CourtRivals?

I'll assume you mean other than mine big_smile, but I never really got a favorite team. But, I like Air Time and Franchise Underdogs.

8. Who do you have winning in the NBA Finals? how about the CourtRivals Finals?

Right now, I'd have to say the Lakers, but I really would like to see the Magic take it, or at least make it a good series (force it to 7).
Just based upon the season, I'd have to say the Pawtucket Pats, they've been dominating.

9. What do you think of wayniac's girlfriend's new tatoo? wink
Haha, no comment. big_smile

Thanks DemonDeacs for taking the time to answer these!

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#2 2009-06-14 21:55:37

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Re: Im Back. Interview with DemonDeacs!

I'll do an interview via AIM...

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#3 2009-06-14 22:01:45

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Re: Im Back. Interview with DemonDeacs!

Oh sure nominate yourself.




#4 2009-06-20 00:11:49

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Re: Im Back. Interview with DemonDeacs!

Very nice!
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#5 2009-06-20 23:58:56

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Re: Im Back. Interview with DemonDeacs!

great job. :>

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