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Pokemon Go: Best Team for Master League

Master League has finally arrived in Pokemon Go for all trainers around the world. At the arrival of the Master League, several Pokemon suddenly appear in the spotlight. For a trainer, is it mandatory to know that every Pokemon is not suitable for Master League, so they have to choose a suitable Pokemon. Although, in the Master League, there are no CP restrictions for trainers. Now, if there are no CP restrictions, trainers can choose their strongest Pokemon for PVP battle. Unlike Ultra League, players are allowed to choose above 2500 CP Pokemon. Higher CP makes the Pokemon stronger, but some specific Pokemon completely rocks the Master League.

The great thing about PVP battles is that players don’t have to revive their Pokemon after getting knocked in the match. Winning the Master League is similar to Ultra League, but if you climb on higher levels, you can surely earn a tremendous amount of “Stardust.” Apart from Stardust, players can earn many more prizes according to their winning matches.

Currently, two types of PVP battles are going on: first is Master League, and second is the Premier Cup. Both battles support the highest CP Pokemon, but there’s one difference in Premier Cup. Unlike Master League battles, you cannot choose Legendary or Mythical Pokemon in the battle. You have to use regular tanky Pokemon to win the battle. If you want to play with Legendary Pokemon, you can play the Master League. There’s no difference in rewards of both PVP battles.

In the Master League, trainers have plenty of choices to create a strong team. However, winning battles in the Master League is not very easy. You can face some tremendously strong Pokemon in the field. In the Master League, most of the trainers use Legendary Pokemon because of their base attacks, special moves, and incredible stats. However, you can still choose some non-legendary Pokemon to defeat tough opponents. Although, Some non-legendary Pokemon have better ratings than legendary Pokemon.

Two legendary Pokemon that almost every trainer will use in Master League are:

Dialga – Metal Claw and Draco Meteor
Giratina (Altered Form) – Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw
Indeed, both of these Pokemon are super effective in the PVP battle of the Master League. However, some trainers use several types of teams to tackle these legendary Pokemon. In the higher ranks, it is necessary to use a unique and strong team, so here is the list of some powerful Pokemon:

Kyogre – Waterfall and Surf
Mewtwo – Confusion and Psystrike
Metagross – Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
Palkia – Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump
Zekrom – Dragon Breath and Outrage
Lugia – Extrasensory and Sky Attack
Togekiss – Charm and Dazzling Gleam
Melmetal – Thunder Shock and Flash Canon
Reshiram – Dragon Breath and Overheat
Dragonite – Dragon Breath and Outrage
Swampert (Shadow) – Mud Shot and Hydro Cannon
Groudon – Dragon Tail and Earthquake
Latios – Dragon Breath and Psychic
Snorlax (Shadow) – Lick and Hyper Beam
Some of the Pokemon in the list are legendary, but apart from them, some are non-legendary, yet powerful. You can get them by evolving and raise them by adding amazing fast and charge moves. To win in the PVP battle, you also need to know your Pokemon’s weakness and strength.

It’s rare to see the same team in the battle, so it is necessary to change your fighting style and strategy according to the enemy. If you successfully understand your enemy, you can win the battle with three of your chosen Pokemon.

PVP battles are the best way to improve the skill and knowledge. In Master League, you can see many strong Pokemon and their strong moves. You can set those same moves on your Pokemon if you feel it can enhance your team’s strength.

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